With Your Help Project Mecca Will Be:

A Gaming Video and Social Sharing website built and designed for Gamers

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  • Fully Responsive

    Gaming Video Publishing

    Show Us What You Got!

    Publish your gaming videos. With an all new way to upload and share all of your epic videos including: Time stamping, Category refinement just for gaming videos, comment integration, and our labeled "jump to" options. Get the most out of each upload quick and easy!

  • Fully Responsive

    Social Interaction

    Instant Messages With Fellow Gamers

    Chat with other Gamers online! Create a profile and instant message with all of the Gamers on your "fireteam" list (we are still playing around with what to call it). Chat, follow, message and subscribe with Gamers and get help with strategies, or just troll until they are sick of you!

  • Fully Responsive

    100% Gamer Influenced

    All Your Gaming Accounts In One Place

    Set up your login and that is it! We are looking into every possible option to make the gaming account integration easy FOR YOU to use; with options like uploading all your game captures in one quick and easy step!

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Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about making this project a reality for every Gamer on the planet

  • Team Photo
    Nicolas O.
    A.K.A. Alphateam
    An experienced Web Designer on a mission to use his God-given gifts in design to help others.

    Founder and CEO of AreYouGaming.com LLC also an Avid Fallout 4 and Destiny player.
  • Team Photo
    Dave L.
    A.K.A. Thewurldwarrior
    Business Development

    Working tirelessly to destroy your fireteam because he is a God to these people
  • Team Photo
    Joy O.
    A.K.A. LadyJay
    overall duties: Taskmaster

    Running Raids on Destiny or Dark Zone Stalking on The Division
  • Team Photo
    Christina E.
    A.K.A. Blixie
    S.E.O. analyst and Media coordinator

    Catch her playing The Mass Effect Series or Crushing some Destiny.
  • Team Photo
    Katie L.
    A.K.A. LadyKatie
    Visual Media Coordinator

    Phone Gamer, Mac user, all around Media organizer
  • Team Photo
    Curtis H. Jr. Esq.
    Head of AYG Legal Team

    Can be seen online playing some UMVC3 or just "getting Dusty"


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